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3 Things To Look For In A Cheap Hosting Provider

Posted by admin on April 4, 2012 – 2:24 pm

3 Things To Look For In A Cheap Hosting Provider

So you found yourself a cheap hosting provider and you are happy that they provide you the hosting for very cheap prices. But you must keep in mind that cheap hosting does not always mean quality hosting. For this purpose you must always look out for certain things before going for a cheap hosting provider:


Always check for the quality and the technical ability of the support being provided because that will tell you the capability of your hosting site. I have also heard from my clients about their previous hosting company experiences, which was run by a 13 year old boy. That’s why I always recommend you to check their support ability before signing up for any hosting company.

Read their TOS thoroughly:

If they are providing you very cheap hosting then mostly they will have a long list of not allowed sites which will render their hosting useless because you will be only able to host your blogs on them which can be hosted on free blog hosting providers. So you should always read their TOS before signing up.

Realistic plans:

These web hosting providers always give you plans which are out of the world like 1 terabyte bandwidth for a few dollars a month. You should just keep in mind that this is not economically possible for them. So what is the catch? There are two things possible either your hosting provider is overselling you hosting or they will not provide you that much hosting bandwidth and is counting on the fact that you will not use so much bandwidth. If the plan that they are providing you seems like too good to be true then it’s possibly not true.

So before choosing a cheap web hosting provider always check the above few things out. Always keep in mind that in the world of web hosting high quality does not necessarily mean high pricing.

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